We're looking for 12 *people who are serious about getting back in SHAPE & taking CHARGE of their HEALTH & FITNESS to join our Strength Camp! Next intake for mid-July camp is now OPEN for Application! (*Only SERIOUS applicants need apply)

Stop wasting your time on gym memberships that you'll never use. Get active with a training program in a group with proven results to get you leaner and stronger in less the time spent in the gym without a plan.


Yes, you read it right, don’t waste your money on a commitment that you can’t keep because you DON’T have a strong reason and a workout plan designed just for you, right?


Why do people go to concerts or seminars when they have the choice of watching the concert on TV or buy the book that the seminar is about?


It is because when you are in an environment where you are with like-minded people, the level of excitement intensifies and making the experience for you even stronger because your five senses are engaged, activated and stimulated - sight, sound, smell, touch, and even taste!


Think about your current status, question your health & wellness status. Do you want to get healthy and fit again after being isolated during the COVID-19 MCO? Do you want to protect your immune system? Find your "WHY” to transform your health status - for yourself, your kids, your spouse/partner, your family?


Our WHY is simple and that is helping people achieve a new level of well being inside out.


Aspire's Group Strength Camp is for individuals who have NOT exercised, individuals with physical challenges, sportsmen, sportswomen, athletes, companies, corporations or anyone looking to get fit in a group workout format because people love doing things together, it creates a camaraderie, show of support for each other and generally people are compassionate about each other's progress.


You will get a  personalised training program, nutrition plan & self-awareness mentoring that is not offered anywhere else and only at Aspire.



1. You will get RM100 off including yourself when you get 3 or more friends, colleagues or family to join in once you qualify. For a limited time only.

2. Your rebate will be deducted when you complete all three components of this program - attendance to all training sessions, record your nutrition logs and update your self-awareness journal.

3. You will become lean, gain strength and feel stronger. And you might become addicted to this!

Click to fill up the Application form to get started NOW!


Chong Y.S.

I like how the workouts are designed and how it overloads progressively weekly. The self-awareness mentoring has helped me check my thought process and it's amazing how my mindset has changed over the weeks. A lot of self reflection and I discovered more stuff about myself.

Cheryl K. M.

Truly an eye opening experience that helped me set my goals for my overall training, taught me that it's not just working out that contributes to our fitness level, but applying the right mindset and knowing what are the right foods you put into your body play a vital role as well.

Ryan I.K.

Extremely satisfied with the training, nutrition logs and self-awareness mentoring!

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