Sleep – it’s something that all humans need but one thing that many people don’t seem to get enough of. This can be for a variety of reasons – including poor sleep hygiene, party-hard lifestyles, or even mental and physical conditions – but the bottom line is the same: a lack of sleep is no good and should be remedied as soon as possible.


But what happens when you’ve tried all the tricks and nothing seems to be working for you? You may suffer from a condition called insomnia, which is essentially an inability to sleep or stay asleep for long periods of time. This can wreak havoc on your life.


Insomnia is a condition characterized by an inability to sleep. It has an array of causes, including medical and psychiatric.


Insomnia can be acute (short term) or chronic (long term) and, as such, the causes vary.


Chronic insomnia is most often caused by poor sleep habits, untreated or uncontrolled medical conditions, and medications. These occur when the sleep-wake cycle is disrupted on a regular basis which then results in incomplete REM cycles or difficulty falling asleep altogether.


In short, insomnia is caused by disturbances – whether physical or mental – that interfere with your ability to get high-quality, restful sleep on a nightly basis.


In the short term, poor sleep can contribute to slowed reflexes and cognitive abilities. This can increase the risk of accidents. In fact, moderate sleep deprivation has been shown to cause the motor and cognitive impairments similar to that of alcohol intoxication.


For longer-term cases of insomnia, you may also be dealing with increased susceptibility to many conditions including diabetes, obesity, hypertension, anxiety, and depression.


All in all, a lack of sleep can wreak havoc on your mind and body and leave you in a poor mental and physical state.


Treatments, including natural supplements like Yin Reserve, melatonin, insomnitol, valerian root etc and lifestyle changes which makes it possible to increase your sleep length and quality while also making it easier for you to fall asleep at night.


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