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brought to you for the first time in Malaysia!


DATE :                      12th - 15th September, 2019 (4 days)

TIME:                        9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.

INSTRUCTOR :        Dr Mark B Slavin

COURSE PRICE:      USD600 (MYR2,500) (Early bird)

                                  USD750 (MYR3,125) (Normal admission)

                                  Early bird closes 03.08.2019

                                *Group discount applies (please contact us directly if you are

                                  a party of 5 and above)

VENUE :                   ASPIRE LIFESTYLE HUB

                                 116, Jalan Professor Khoo Kay Kim, Seksyen 19

                                 46300 Petaling Jaya


Exercise Professionals

We define an Exercise Professional as any practitioner who employs exercise as a modality regardless of the demographic with whom he/she works. Personal trainers, group exercise instructors, physical therapists, chiropractors, performance specialists, strength coaches, skill coaches, pilates & yoga instructors, celebrity trainers etc. all employ exercise along a continuum of client/patient abilities, tolerances and goals. Yet there are specific areas and levels of knowledge that are not taught in any of the related degrees or certifications.



RTS is the only educational program that teaches you how to:

1.    Create Client-Defined™, Custom Fit Exercise® for the entire Functional Continuum® and across the entire Exercise Continuum®;

2.    Evolve beyond canned assessments that do not directly or correctly impact exercise decisions; and 

3.    Create, progress, and deliver exercises for any goal or demographic;

4.    Understand Strength Profiles and strategically alter Resistance Profiles accordingly;

5.    Evolve beyond the paint-by-number protocols accepted as the standards of the industry by honing the skill of professional decision making for each individual on each and every rep;

6.    Masterfully orchestrate each client's outcome and Exercise Experience™ by :-

    * matching the individual's ever-changing exercise needs and expectations

    * strategically altering sensation with exercise mechanics and intention

    * progressing appropriately while decreasing joint wear

    * and through customized delivery

When you offer this much value it's easier to sell your services, maximize your income potential, and improve client retention... you become indispensable!


In all honesty, if you are completely satisfied with the way things are in your daily practice, if you can honestly say that you are entirely confident that there is nothing more that you could learn or do to alter the outcomes or exercise experiences of your patients or clients, then RTS is probably not for you ...at least not at this point in your career.


Dr. Mark Slavin serves as the Director for the SportsArts Institute which provides educational support globally. He also serves as the primary educational consultant to Genesis Health Clubs, a Midwest (USA) based clubs chain with over 40 clubs and has been with them since 2001.


Dr. Slavin spent over 20 years with the R.T.S. (Resistant Training Specialist) program as the International Director for RTS, the most advanced biomechanics program in the industry and has taught workshops, seminars and courses in over 70 countries. In addition, for over 15 years, Dr. Slavin served as the educational consultant to Cybex International.


As the former Director of Certification for The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and helped to develop NASM Asia which became AASFP, the largest certification in the Asian Fitness industry.


As a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine, Dr. Slavin utilizes his vast knowledge of physiology and biomechanics, combines with an easy to understand and fun presentation style, to develop progressive education and standards for personal trainers in over 70 countries to date.

His passion is the driving force in his quest for excellence in resistance training, with which he travels the globe sharing his knowledge with the ultimate goal to raise the standards and value of trainers and training programs.


Principals, perspectives and scientific truths that you will find only at RTS


The number on the weight is no indication of the resistance

*Rotational Inertia-exponential increase in load

*Weight and Isotonics- contrary to Major organizations, five pounds does not = five pounds of resistance-it can change constantly

*The external force is not the resistance-why 100 pounds may be zero resistance

*Discover the additional hidden resistance

*Tubing/elastomers- contrary to Major Organizations-tubing does not always increase the resistance as it stretches-full stretched may be zero resistance


The weight in your hand is no indication of the forces on you body

*Shear…the scare tactic-Why shear is normal and when to be concerned


Micro progression-the key to success

*How much should one do-the least amount of unaccustomed activity

*If control is still a challenge, adding another form of challenge is inappropriate

*Understanding why maintenance for many is progression


Stability Training is not just playing on a bunch of toys

*Never add instability to instability

*How a ball adds 2 separate levels of instability when used as a base in exercise


Exercise is a process, not a program


Tissue Chains and Mechanical Chains

*True closed chains vs. traditional closed chains (which most are not closed)

*Closed Chains and joint force fallacies-contrary to popular belief, the forces are rarely falling thru the limb/joint during closed chains. Shear can be greater in a closed chain than an open chain


The “Functional Continuum”- Why there is no such thing as functional vs. non functional.


Strategic Variation- Why Variations should not be haphazard or myth based


The Strength-Resistance Relationship-contrary to most professors and text books there is no such thing as a strength curve (independent of a resistance profile)


Exercise Testing and the dangers-strongly promoted by the major organizations, it is case of maximal challenge before skill is acquired


The many myths of stretching-why stretching may not only help, it has shown to be injurious


The Leg Extensions-ACL myth-If the leg extension is dangerous for the ACL (and gets all the publicity) then why isn’t the leg curl dangerous for the PCL


What Kinesiology class did not tell you

*Elbow Flexors are not required to flex the elbow

*Why kinesiology as traditionally taught is more wrong than right

*Why there are no assistance movers

*How muscles can move joints they don’t even cross

*Inversion of action of muscular action-how many muscles can do exactly opposite what kinesiology taught us

*Memorizing muscular actions is somewhat misleading 


The tools of our trade-the reality is that most trainers know little about the realities of the tools they use everyday and they impose on the client. No other profession could get away with this


Full Range of Motion-Why full RROM (Resisted Range of Motion) is virtually impossible and irrelevant for an individual exercise


InTension™ Reaction-Why the direction we choose to push or pull imposes additional forces that alter the true direction of resistance as well as the joint forces (ex: gravity is not the resistance on a bench press)


Programming vs. Prescription- unfortunately, fitness professionals are not legally able to prescribe exercise but the word programming is “routine” oriented. It does not appear to include the actual creation or design of the exercise itself…the actual prescription of motion and force.


Thought Process vs. Protocols


Exercise is Invasive