BioMolecular Oxygen by Cellcore Biosciences:


Support healing - acts as a support agent in the healing process to ensure oxygen is supplied to any damaged cells.


Improve recall - a) aides in supplying the brain with proper amounts of oxygen so it can access nutrients and energy immediately since the brain cannot store energy.


b) It is affective against anaerobic (bad) bacteria in the body.


c) Neutralize and detoxify toxic materials, organic heavy metals and other pollutants.


As part of the protocol

The utility of BioMolecular Oxygen isn’t in a specific phase of the protocol, but in its multi-utility anywhere before, during, or after protocol implementation. BioMolecular Oxygen is effective before and during the protocol as it promotes cellular energy, giving an individual added strength to push through more rough patches in the protocol. After initial protocol completion, it can help to maintain cellular energy and promote numerous other benefits in the cell.


  • Stabilization processes mean that more oxygen gets to the cell before dispersal than ever before
  • Oxygen promotes the cell’s ability to heal
  • Combats effects of parasites by creating an aerobic environment where parasites struggle to survive


Dose: This product may also be applied topically or nebulized.

Standard: 10 drops 3x daily internally in water or fruit juice

Aggressive: 15 drops 3x daily internally in water or fruit juice

Sensitive: Reduce dosage to 5 drops 2x daily internally

Toddler (under 22kgs):  4 drops 2x daily internally

Child (between 22 - 57kgs): 4 drops 2x daily internally


BioMolecular Oxygen


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